Monday, May 29, 2017

New Ebook & Works In Progress

Been a while since I updated my blog (since social media is more immediate  and direct), but here's  the latest:

My latest ebook short, THE LAST CHORD, hit the digital bookshelves last month, so please check it out and post a review. I'm happy to supply review copies to book review bloggers upon request.



Also, my debut ebook short, CLOWNING AROUND, which is loosely related is free for Nook here, and just under a buck on Amazon here.

Works-in-progress are two new short stories for as yet (but soon to be) unannounced horror anthologies, one is called "The Caretaker of Blood Manor" and the other is titled "Lizard Kingdom."

Also, I'm off from work for a week, so it's full steam ahead on revisions to my scifi  horror  novel, THE RAVENING. Revisions on my novella/story collection, NIGHTMARE SEASON, is on hold for now.

Much thanks to Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi for her professional editorial eye, guidance, and support. You're the best, Wonder Woman!