Sunday, January 22, 2012

Projects, projects, projects...

Been working on the sequel to my horror novel, PRIMAL, called PRIMAL BLOOD, for past few months and currently writing Chapter Four.  Basically, it is a werewolf novel but with some unique twists, I think.  Also will be delving into revisions on PRIMAL soon.  Then there's my mammoth 632-page horror novel, MOON CHILD, that needs work but on hiatus, for now.

Started writing the first chapter to something for younger readers, possibly teens, called SHIFTER.  The idea was spawned after I recently learned my 10 year-old goddaughter started writing her own stories (which pleases me to NO end!) and have been mulling over writing a story for her.  One thing led to another and the idea grew to something much larger.  It's been nagging on my creative consciousness and this morning I hammered out 5 pages...yay me!

May also work on some new short stories in the near future since it has been a while.

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