Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ahem, okay, this long overdue update shall be called...

...Chris's Writing Projects, Past, Present & Future!  Catchy, isn't it?  Are you thrumming with excitement?  Me, too!

Current Project:

(Updated 1/4/14)

Vines (novella length).  Suburban neighbors find themselves pitted against flesh-hungry plants, due to a nearby bio-medical research facility experimenting with creating a new bio-weapon.  Never a good thing!

The Magick Door (novella length, at least).  Started first chapter and story notes.

Past Projects in Various Stages:

Primal  (novella or novel-length, in need of serious revision).  Love this werewolf story, but because of an unfortunate mishap with a flash drive, I'd lost my entire Word file manuscript, except for my printed out first draft.  Wrote 100+ pages of a sequel called Primal Blood, but plot was too far-fetched, and will merge elements of it into Primal rewrite.

Moon Child  (mammoth 632 page erotic-horror novel, in need of serious revision, as well) will be reworked at some point, but all I have is partially revised printed manuscript copy.  My old Dell crapped out several years ago, leaving me without numerous short stories and longer works-in-progress...a very hard lesson to learn in Why You Should Back-Up Everything, Dumbass!

Shifter  (teen dark fantasy/paranormal novel-length story) is one that I'd written a Prologue and first chapter for, then kind of lost interest in.  I would love to revisit this and perhaps finish it, given how popular Teen fiction is.  What's it about?  Girl who can shape-shift into a cat...a really big cat...think were-cat, and you get the idea.  Oh yeah, these beings are also called Children of Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess.

In The Flesh  (novel-length, possible trilogy) is my erotic novel.  Not as explicitly extreme as your 50 Shades books or the like, but more like an adult fairy tale...set in our time and world...but very naughty. 

Future Projects:

Blood Island  (or Black Tide, novella or novel-length) is about a group of couples who spend a weekend on an island off the southwest coast of Florida, only to be attacked by a flesh-hungry organism from deep in the ocean. 

The Becoming (formerly House of Dark, novella or novel-length) deals with an ancient cult (think Mayan or Aztec) that survives today in the body of a teenage girl, adopted by Linus Bayne, a wealthy rancher and landowner in Florida.  Mayhem and murder ensues, and flash-forward to modern times, where a distant relative inherits the Bayne Estate.  The young couple begins to experience bizarre and horrifying things, realizing that their dream is about to become a true nightmare.

The Malagawn (novella or novel-length) is my Florida Bigfoot story.  Wrote the original story on a crappy Olivetti typewriter in my late teens and still have the revised manuscript.  But I love the basic story:  Man kills Sasquatch's mate, Sasquatch gets royally pissed off and goes on a human-killing spree.  Even thought about setting story in Pennsylvania, but may still keep the revised story in Florida.  Except my Native American-sounding name for the creature is Malagawn.  What's it mean?  Hell if I know...sounds sinister and cool!

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