Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Horror Writer Looks At 50

In less than a month I'll be turning 50. The Big Five-Oh. Half a century old. Fuck. I still remember teasing my Dad when he hit that milestone...and now it's my turn. Yeah, not so funny now, smart guy. Funny thing is, some days I don't feel my age and others...yeah, I definitely do. My hair is mostly gray now, but still thick and not receding too much. Thicker around the waist, too, but what the fuck...I like to eat, although I need to exercise  more. And when I did do that a few weeks ago when I had a week off from work, doing laps in our pool almost every day, I pulled muscles in my right shoulder and upper arm that's taking forever  to heal.

So yeah, getting older sucks. 

However, I've reason to celebrate. In the past year, I've accomplished  much in terms of my writing. Probably more so than in any time  in my life. I finished the first draft of my scifi horror  novel, THE  RAVENING. I wrote several short stories, two of which I self-published as ebooks, CLOWNING AROUND and THE LAST CHORD, the latter of which received a nice review on a book review blog recently. My last post here has links to where you can pick them up. I've been working with professional editor and publicist extraordinaire, Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi, as a client and she's been wonderful to work with, only making me a better writer. Two of the aforementioned short stories will be eventually submitted to horror anthologies, one of my professional goals, along with my novel. And there's a story/novella collection, THE NIGHTMARE SEASON, that I've written but need to revise. And much more...

One of my all-time favorite horror writers turns 50, as well, not too long after I do. You may have heard about him. Brian Keene. Horror Grandmaster, Bram Stoker Award Winner, and bestselling author. Last year he toured extensively in support of his latest books and I had been fortunate enough  to set up a book signing at my store. I'd been very nervous because I hadn't met him before and wanted the event to go well. And it did. Sold a bunch of books and got the chance to chat with him about bookselling, horror, writing, and our kids. It was something I'll never forget. Brian was kind and gracious and very easy to talk to.

So yeah, while I celebrate the Big Five-Oh with loved ones next month, I have a lot to be grateful  and thankful for. 

And a lot more dark and scary stories to tell...

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