Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rock and Roll Heaven

Recently, we lost a few notable rock and roll stars, least of which was the notorious Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, and Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.

And two days ago, David Bowie passed away. He left an indelible mark on the world of music from his classic alien persona, Ziggy Stardust, to the Thin White Duke era of "Let's Dance." And if you haven't heard of his late 80's rock band, Tin Machine, you need to unfuck that immediately. "Under the God" is a blisteringly catchy hard rock anthem. My own all-time favorite band, Duran Duran, has publicly for years cited Bowie as a major influence, and have covered a number of Bowie songs over the years.

This story popped into my head the other morning and while on Facebook, before getting ready for work, I wrote this. Feel free to blast some Ziggy or "Heroes" (my personal favorite is "Golden Years") and enjoy.

Rock and Roll Heaven
Copyright 2016

The vast room was hazy with smoke and filled the chatter of conversation, punctuated with laughter. Glasses rattled with ice cubes, beer bottles clunked together along with tumblers of drink in celebration and general good cheer. Some held intruments, guitars and the like, even a saxophone, but mostly just to idly strum or blow a few chords. One short blonde haired young man in a plaid shirt and ripped jeans sat in a corner scribbling in a notebook while a skinny guy with tight black leather pants and close-cropped, dyed-red hair talked animatedly to him, gesturing with his cigarette. Behind them at the long bar, two other men--one with long curly brown hair in a denim jacket--lifted his glass of whiskey and chuckled at something his companion sitting at the barstool next to him said, in his thick English accent. The Englishman had long black hair, thick mutton chops and a mustache, and he wore a leather vest with a black leather hat adorned by an emblem of silver crossed cutlasses.

Suddenly, the room's only door swung open, revealing a tall, thin light-haired man, clad in a trim yet stylish suit. His slender tie was impeccably knotted and his eyes swept the crowd coolly. He grinned rakishly as he stepped inside.

Lemmy glanced up at the latest entrant and called out in his distinctive raspy brogue.

"David...come on in and join the party!"

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