Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Horror Novels of 2015

I posted this on Facebook a few days ago, but here's my list again of the best horror novels read last year, published in 2015:

As the last four and a half hours of 2015 tick tocks away, here's my Best Books of the past year (in no order of importance):

THE COMPLEX by Brian Keene (actually, finishing it up this evening as we speak, but this is a fantastic book, right up there with my favorites by him)

A LITTLE MAGENTA BOOK ABOUT A DOLL HOUSE by Edward Lee (Lee doing MR James, but it's Ed Lee, so nuff said)

WOLF LAND by Jonathan Janz (love anything loup garou, and Jonathan freaking nailed it big time!)

TENEBRIS by Tim Curran   (I'm an unapologetic Tim Curran fanboy, and only   minor complaint is that I wanted the book to be longer; then again, DEAD SEA and RESURRECTION are huge, so I'll just shaddup)

FINDERS KEEPERS by Stephen King  (just because, and while he has been criticized  for his recent works not holding up to the classic ones, that's just nonsense; he's at the top of his game...in my opinion)

THE BORDER by Robert McCammon  (STINGER is one of my favorites by him and he returns to form with this bleak but heartfelt scifi horror novel)

THE SCARLET GOSPELS by Clive Barker  (yes, I know I'll catch some shit for this selection, but you know what? Don't care. It's Harry D'Amour versus Pinhead. While the book had issues, it was still a hellishly fun and nasty trip)

ORPHANS OF WONDERLAND by Greg F. Gifune (my favorite of his to date and if you haven't read him...what the fuck is wrong with you? :P)

ABRAM'S BRIDGE by Glenn Rolfe  (newer author to the horror fiction scene but this clever novella instantly drew me in and I'm a fan! And his latest novel, BLOOD AND RAIN just kills it!)

DARKNESS RISING by Brian Moreland  (fantastic novella that grabbed me by the heart and twisted; and DEAD OF WINTER is a great book, along with THE WITCHING SEASON...hell, buy em all!)

ALL HALLOW'S  DEAD by Bryan Smith  (Bryan is one of my favorites ever since he published his first few books from Leisure Horror; and while I haven't read his critically-acclaimed SLOWLY WE ROT, his Halloween novel was a blast!)

THE LOST LEVEL by Brian Keene   (pulp horror mixed with high fantasy of a sort, drenched in his Labyrinth mythos. It's Brian Keene. Nuff fucking said! ;))

THE NIGHTMARE GIRL by Jonathan Janz (yep, him again. And why am I thinking this book could've been called THE HEY GIRL...oh never mind. It's Jonathan Janz, and he rocks!)

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